Bond Street Brownie

The Bond Street Brownie from Dark City Brewing poured a classic brown color with a cream-colored head.  It started with a thick head that diminished into a thin head, and left some lacing behind.  I predominately smelled chocolate, but sure enough coffee notes and even some toffee notes, began to emerge.  The first flavor I … More Bond Street Brownie

Two Roads Road Jam

I was eyeing this particular beer for the past few weeks and thankfully, it remained an option for me to try today.  Two Roads’ Road Jam had an opaque red body with a small off-white head that had some decent retention and lacing.  It smelt abundantly of fresh raspberries, faintly of lemongrass and still some … More Two Roads Road Jam

No Bullin’

First a disclaimer: I got a growler of Bolero Snort’s OVB Creamsicle IPA and had a glass with dinner yesterday and then I waited until today to have another glass and review it.  It’s been roughly a month and half since I first got the urge to try this stuff.  I missed my chance to … More No Bullin’

Who Gose There?

I decided to try Avery Brewing’s El Gose. The last time I had one was fall, so I felt that I was due for another one.  It had a hazy straw yellow color with a thin, fizzy white head that had very little staying power.  The aromatics were very mild.  I picked up some lime … More Who Gose There?

Shinin’ Through

True to its name, Magnify’s Low Visibility was a hazy bright yellow with a quickly dissipating white head that left some lacing behind.  Initially, I got pure hop notes on the nose.  Smelling a little longer, the pine and citrus, started to come through, followed by a hint of mango.  The hops continued to shine … More Shinin’ Through

What’s in a Stout?

Obsidian in color with a thick caramel head, Carton Brewing’s Unjunct Stout offers a return to basic stouts.  Nothing fancy, just a well-made stout.  The head diminished rather quickly, providing some lacing.  I smelt roasted malts and coffee, with lovely vanilla and hints of booze and berries.  As I drank, I first noticed bitter, dark … More What’s in a Stout?

Uno más

I don’t pick up many lagers, so I went with one to spice things up.  Flying Dog’s Numero Uno, an agave cerveza, is a lager brewed with agave nectar and lime zest.  It poured a crystal clear pale yellow with a thick, white head, which had little to no retention.  As far as the scent … More Uno más