Hello, I’m the Smirkin’ Durkin, or as my friends call me, Gavin.

For the past five years, I have been exploring the beer scene by trying new brews, new breweries, new styles and conversing with the people who brew, sell and enjoy learning about all things beer.  It all started on my 21st birthday, where instead of downing my weight in alcohol, I tried one Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.  From that point on, I was actively seeking out unfamiliar beers.

Then, roughly 18 months ago, I took the long awaited dive into home brewing as a way to bring science and learning back into my life.  Quickly, I gained newfound knowledge about the brewing process.

But my fascination with cold ones did not end there.  I continued trying beers and reexamining them to improve my palate.  My informal education, of what makes a ‘good beer’ good, led to the history of the brewing world, especially in the United States, to keeping up with current news and future speculations.

I live in New Jersey, but travel often to experience beer outside of the Garden State. I’m always open to suggestions, so send me a message or tweet me with recommendations.