Boulevard’s Perfect Farmhouse Ale

20170406_230018Boulevard’s Tank 7 had been a saison on my list for quite some time and finally I drank some of what Boulevard considers to be their best farmhouse ale.  It poured a clear yellow, but as the yeast and sediment swirled about, it quickly became cloudy.  Also, it had a thick, white head that had some retention and left nice Belgian lacing.  The beer offered dank aromatics including lemon and other floral notes.  As for taste, I first noticed the sweetness, some honey, and then a bit of spice, most notably cloves and pepper.  There was some citrus and, surprisingly, mint.  The finish was lasting floral.  It had a light body with moderate carbonation and a dry, tingling finish.  A little too dank on the nose, but overall, it was a nice farmhouse ale, probably more enjoyable during the summer months.

Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Tank 7 with instructions on the cap

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