They Shoot, They Score

20170403_222627I solely picked this beer based on the cartoonish label (and wanting to try more of Brix City Brewing’s offerings).  The Jaromir Lager poured a clear, muted gold with a white head that quickly dissipated.  On the nose, all I detected was creamed corn.  As far as taste was concerned, it was predominately creamed corn with some herbal hops and bready malt.  It was crisp, clean, and dry with a moderate body and effervescence.

Now, I want to address the creamed corn aroma and flavoring.  Many people consider it to be an off-flavor, called Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS), and in many beers, they’d be correct. However, it can be a notable component of lagers, especially pilsners due to the low temperatures used during the kilning process. And since the Jagomir Lager is a pilsner style lager, the creamed corn notes are permitted.

So with that considered, this was a refreshing pilsner.  A worthy choice for after a long work day or hot summer evening.

Jaromir Lager from Brix City Brewing

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