No Bullin’

The first glass

First a disclaimer: I got a growler of Bolero Snort’s OVB Creamsicle IPA and had a glass with dinner yesterday and then I waited until today to have another glass and review it.  It’s been roughly a month and half since I first got the urge to try this stuff.  I missed my chance to sample it at a beer festival and maybe that was a blessing in disguise.  Because when I saw it on tap at a local bar/ bottle shop, I quickly grabbed a growler’s worth.  To be fair, my initial pouring (yesterday) yielded a white frothy head on top of a golden hazy body.  Today was similar except it completely lacked a head.  I blame myself for waiting a day to review it.  As I smelt, I got big aromas of hop resins followed by whiffs of orange and vanilla, making me think of an actual creamsicle.  The taste that followed was similar; oranges followed by vanilla, blending incredibly well together into the signature creamsicle flavor.  At the end, in the spirit of a true IPA, there was a bitter finish.  The body was moderate and light on carbonation (again, that might be because of my delayed review).  In total, it was a creamy, delectable IPA, reminiscent of childhood and I can’t wait to try another fresh sample.

Bolero Snort’s OVB Creamsicle IPA from a growler.

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