What’s in a Stout?

20170330_201324Obsidian in color with a thick caramel head, Carton Brewing’s Unjunct Stout offers a return to basic stouts.  Nothing fancy, just a well-made stout.  The head diminished rather quickly, providing some lacing.  I smelt roasted malts and coffee, with lovely vanilla and hints of booze and berries.  As I drank, I first noticed bitter, dark coffee, followed by licorice, and ending with an alcohol finish.  This beer had a thick body with moderate carbonation.  Carton hit their mark here, just a stout with nothing else.  A solid beer.  However, once I tasted the licorice, that was all I could focus on, which took my enjoyment down a notch.

Carton Brewing’s Unjunct Stout

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