Blood Orange IPA

20170327_220632After hearing good things about 21st Amendment’s Brew Free or Die Blood Orange IPA, I decided to give it a go.  It came out of the can opaque orange in color with a thick white head.  It had good retention and some lacing as it disappeared.  As soon as the can was opened, I was hit with the pleasant aroma of oranges.  For a while, all I detected were the oranges, but then I started to notice some orange pith.  Overwhelmingly, and not surprisingly, it’s abundant in orange flavors.  Underneath, there was some grapefruit with just a lingering of bitter hop notes.  It was on the lighter side and well carbonated.  It was incredibly fruity, barely feeling like an IPA.  It was too easy to drink and felt like a session beer, but in reality it’s 7%, so pace yourself.

21st Amendment Brew Free or Die Blood Orange IPA

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