Smoked Sours?

SmuttLabs’ Smoked Peach Short Weisse

While perusing my local bottle shop, I stumbled across this Smoked Peach Short Weisse from Smuttynose’s experimental branch, SmuttLabs.  Instantly, I knew that was what I wanted to try next.  I was always a fan of rauchbiers and Berliner weisses and never have I thought that they could be combined.

But, boy, am I glad they were.  It came out a golden orange color with a thin white head, and I was swept away by the ambrosial smell of peach with just a hint of smoke. Very inviting.  And I wasn’t disappointed by the taste.  Tart peach well balanced with the smoked malt.  It had a medium body and was incredibly effervescent.

This was a fascinating merger between two polarizing beer styles.  Doing a little research I found that this may have been a one-off batch, which I hope is not true.  But I do look forward to trying the various other smoked fruited Berliner weisses offered through SmuttLabs.

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