Spent Grain for the Doggies

Reusing the spent grains from brew day is becoming increasingly popular. Some people compost with them while others bake bread or even grow mushrooms with them. Some breweries partner with local farmers who use the grain as feed for their livestock.

I, personally, use my spent grains to make extra special dog treats for my dog.  It’s quite simple and after trying out some other brewers’ recipes, I really honed my own.  My recipe makes about 90-100 treats, depending on their sizes, but you can scale the recipe up or down to fit your needs.  When storing the grains, before use, keep them in the fridge to prevent any mold from growing.

  1. In a large bowl:

    Pre Mixing
  2. Add 2 cups of spent grains
    • Add one cup of flour
    • Add ¾ cup of Peanut Butter*
    • Add 1 egg
    • Add 1 thinly chopped banana (optional)
  3. Mix thoroughly
  4. Shape treats (I make mini-“meatballs” but you can roll out the “dough” and use cookie cutters)
  5. Place treats on a baking pan, first cover with parchment paper or cooking oil
  6. Bake at 350oF for 30 minutes
  7. Continue baking at 200oF for 3 more hours
  8. Let cool
  9. Enjoy!
Post Mixing

Post your recipes below!

*Beware some peanut butters use xylitol, a sugar substitute, which may be toxic to dogs.

Finished treats

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