From Grain To Tap: Triumphʼs Brewing Process

IMG_0368After seeing Triumph Brewing Company from the front, I was able to tour behind the scenes. I got the chance to learn the process and see the machinery behind Triumph’s biggest selling point—its beer brewed on premise.

Eric Nutt, Sales & Marketing Manager for Triumph, took me behind the glass dome and explained the tri-level course Triumph’s beer takes from grain to tap.

The brewing process begins on the third floor of Triumph, where a lift hoists two-ton pallets of grain into the microbrewery.

“This is what you call the production level of the brewery,” Nutt said of the third-floor. “It’s a pretty basic system, really a ten barrel system.”

The system begins on this upper level with the mash tun, a giant silver cylinder on the third floor used for the self-explanatory process of mashing.

“The night before [we] will mill in the malted barley, come in in the morning and start the brew,” explained Nutt. “Release the grain, mix it with the hot water and make a big mesh right here like a cake.”

After that, they add the hops and boil the wort for about an hour until it is ready to be dropped down to the second level for fermentation.

I walked down the narrow, metal stairway to the second floor, which consisted of five more metallic cylinders taller than the mash tun. The entire floor smelt like the sweet aroma of beer.

“You can see what’s in fermentation active, and what’s not” continued Nutt. “Starches and sugars are converted into alcohol and emitting Co2 gas.”

I continued my journey down to the final level, where the beer flows to the tap. This lowest level contains a walk-in with the serving tanks.

“You can see the taps that have the beer in them are actually going out to the bar,” said Nutt as he peeled back the plastic flaps that usually hang at the entrance to a walk-in freezer. “The other ones are running gas, Co2. Everything is run right through here out to the pub so it’s all fresh.”

“It’s a small system, but a well-run system,” said Nutt. After I sampled a collection of Triumph’s brews, I would have to agree with him.

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